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    HR in the Stoned Age: Marijuana and the Law

    Posted 04/28/2017 by Debbie Lamb, Junior Marketing Communications Manager

    Based on an October 2016 Gallup Poll, support for legal marijuana use has risen steadily since the late 1960's. Today, the support rate is at 60%. This is the highest percentage of support recorded in the 47 years since Gallup started asking about the trend. The support for legalization of marijuana is up across all age and socio/economic groups.

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    SterlingONE Brings Ease to Background Screening

    Posted 03/30/2017 by Debbie Lamb Junior Marketing Communications Manager

    Employee screening and onboarding new hires can be complex and time-consuming. With regulatory landscapes and the need to get good candidates in the door faster-streamlined, agile technology and processes are a daily requirement. Sterling Talent Solutions offers bundled solutions that are designed to meet the screening and onboarding needs for your company. From the essentials, including criminal background checks, drug and health screening and easy-to-navigate candidate and employee portals and workflows, to ultimate solutions including Form I-9, new hire and custom forms we have the hiring process covered from end-to-end.

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    Complexities of Employee Screening and Onboarding

    Posted 03/20/2017 by Debbie Lamb, Junior Marketing Communications Manager

    Have you had to get a background check? I hadn't until I was hired by Sterling Talent Solutions last year. To be honest, I was nervous, not because there was anything in my background that would have a red flag, but because I didn't know the background screening process and what was needed to complete the background check. I had many questions swirling around my head: What paperwork would I need? Did I have enough reference information? How could I get hiring or payroll documentation from a company that is now closed? How do you get a drug test? How long will the process start? If I didn't have the information would it delay my hiring?

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    Marijuana @ Work: Important Info for Employers

    Posted 01/04/2017 by Martin Murtland, VP of Product Management, Occupational Health Services

    The increase of daily use of marijuana has dramatically impacted the workplace. According to a recent study by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), there is currently 22.2 Million marijuana users aged 12 and up. 25 states plus Washington D.C. have enacted laws allowing for the use of marijuana for medical purposes, while 4 states (AK, CO, OR, WA and Washington D.C.) have passed laws legalizing the personal use of this drug. There is legislation legalizing recreational and medical use of marijuana that is up for the vote in 8 more states this November. The legalization of marijuana use for medicinal or recreational purposes in many states across the United States has forced employers to review their workplace drug policies.

  • Is Ban the Box Out of Control?

    Posted 11/10/2016 by Debbie Lamb, Junior Marketing Communications Manager

    When filing out a job application, were you required to check a box asking if you had a criminal record? I have seen these on job applications in the past, but more and more these boxes are being eliminated because of ban the box legislations being passed across the country. While the laws could be reducing discrimination against some people being hired for a job, it can also be quite a challenge for employers.

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    On the Road Again: Sleep Apnea Policy Reviewed For Truck Drivers

    Posted 11/01/2016 by Debbie Lamb, Jr. MarComm Manager

    Every day millions of trucks are on the road transporting everything from livestock to electronics to large industrial pieces. Some drivers are on short day trips while others are long-haul drivers who travel across states. As a child, I was always fascinated by the “big rigs” and how drivers were free to see the wonders of the country. I didn’t realize until I was older how vital these trucks and their drivers are in transporting goods and services in the United States.

  • It’s High Time You Reviewed Your Company’s Drug Policy

    It’s High Time You Reviewed Your Company’s Drug Policy

    Posted 09/23/2016 by Debbie Lamb, Jr. MarComm Manager

    Over the past ten years, there have been changes to laws governing medicinal and recreational marijuana use across the United States. Twenty-three states and Washington D.C. have legalized marijuana in some form. Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, Washington and Washington D.C. have legalized the recreational use of marijuana and 25 million Americans have used marijuana in the past year with 14 million of these using the drug on a regular basis.

  • A New DEA Report Confirms Marijuana Usage is Not Conducive to Workplace Safety

    A New DEA Report Confirms Marijuana Usage is Not Conducive to Workplace Safety

    Posted 09/16/2016 by Debbie Lamb-Jr. MarComm Manager

    The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) issued a report in August 2016, affirming the Schedule 1 Controlled Substance classification of marijuana defined by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). HHS concluded the following about marijuana:

  • Illinois Decriminalizes Small Amounts of Marijuana Possession

    Illinois Decriminalizes Small Amounts of Marijuana Possession

    Posted 08/10/2016 by Tommy Marzella, Senior MarComm Manager

    When it comes to the legalization of marijuana in the US, each state handles it differently. The laws governing the use of cannabis and their enforcement can vary largely depending upon the new regulations, bills, policies and laws that are put into place.

  • Top 3 Ways to Beat a Drug Test . . . Or Not

    Posted 04/14/2016 by John Mallios

    I’ve counseled many employers over the years on the need to ensure their pre-hire qualification process doesn’t overlook the importance of drug testing to make sure that the next new hire isn’t one affected by substance abuse. Not only does substance abuse present a serious situation for a job applicant on a personal level, but also for workplace and public safety. So, as important as other elements of an employment background check are, equally important is pre-hire drug testing.

  • Workplace Drug Policies in the Age of Legal Marijuana: What Employers Need to Consider

    Posted 03/31/2016 by SterlingBackcheck

    The landscape of legal and medical marijuana is in a state of constant change, making it increasingly difficult for employers to navigate legislation and maintain compliance. There are more than 600 state laws and regulations that impact private workplace drug testing programs, and more than 10,000 court and agency rulings. Currently, 24 states plus Washington D.C. permit medical marijuana and 4 states plus D.C. allow recreational marijuana for users 21 and over, however, over 80% of employers are still testing for marijuana in the workplace.

  • Decriminalizing Marijuana and the Workplace

    Posted 02/12/2016 by John Mallios

    Much has changed over the past two decades with respect to marijuana and, with decriminalization now in practically half of the U.S., important questions continue to challenge employers:

    - How should a job applicant's positive marijuana drug test be treated in a state where recreational use is permitted?
    - Must every employee who has a medical marijuana registration be accommodated?
    - Would it just be easier to stop testing for marijuana?

    Let's remember that marijuana use isn't any safer for the workplace, public settings or roadways because of decriminalization. In fact, concern over marijuana use should now be greater.

  • Infographic: Strengthen Your Drug Screening Program. Safeguard Your Workplace.

    Posted 09/17/2015 by John Mallios

    With drug abuse in the workplace on the rise, having a Drug and Health Screening program is a "must have" element to many background screening programs. Learn more about how you can strengthen your Drug Screening program with the HHS (Health and Human Services) Drug Testing Profile – standardized lab-based urine drug testing for your non-federal workers.

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    Drug Testing Positivity Rates Trending Higher

    Posted 09/04/2015 by John Mallios

    The rate of occupational drug tests that have tested positive for one or more illicit drugs is increasing. For two years in a row, detection of marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine and heroin has risen. This comes after a decade of declining positivity rates in workplace drug tests.

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    HR in the Stoned Age: Employer Considerations for Drug Testing in 2015

    Posted 04/28/2015 by John Mallios

    This past January, SterlingBackcheck published a blog article entitled “Which Drugs Should Employers Consider Testing For In 2015?” This article also referenced a webinar on the topic entitled “HR in the Stoned Age: Employer Considerations for Drug Testing in 2015.“

  • Which Drugs Should Employers Consider Testing For In 2015?

    Which Drugs Should Employers Consider Testing For In 2015?

    Posted 01/23/2015 by John Mallios

    Ever since the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) was passed in the United States back in 1970, and President Nixon declared the “War On Drugs” in 1971, we’ve been aggressively trying to get our arms around the drug abuse problem.  Unfortunately, drug abuse isn’t a constant, and the situation needs to be consistently monitored.  Quest Diagnostics, a leading provider of workplace drug testing services, recently reported that positive drug tests among American workers in 2013 increased for the first time in a decade. 

  • Are We Winning The War On Drugs? | SterlingBackcheck

    Are We Winning The War On Drugs?

    Posted 11/18/2014 by John Mallios

    The term “War On Drugs” is one commonly associated today with the federal government’s efforts (more than $51 billion annually) to rid American society of drug abuse and to combat illegal drug trafficking.

    Well, according to Employers.com in an article published earlier this year, 1 in 10 small businesses claim that employees are beginning their work day under the influence (with alcohol, marijuana, and prescription painkillers leading the way). The rise in prescription painkiller use over the past several years and the ongoing decriminalization of marijuana are believed to be fueling this trend.

  • Another Designer Drug On The Radar | SterlingBackcheck

    Another Designer Drug On The Radar

    Posted 11/06/2014 by John Mallios

    Concern over a relatively new and deadly designer drug has been emerging over the past year.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), acetyl fentanyl is a new drug of abuse that is a variant of fentanyl (a powerful prescription painkiller).

    The drug, which is not authorized for medical use, nor specifically regulated under the Controlled Substances Act, can be five times more potent than heroin, and sixteen times more potent than morphine.

  • Doctors On Drugs May Face Randomized Testing | SterlingBackcheck

    Doctors On Drugs May Face Randomized Testing

    Posted 10/23/2014 by John Mallios

    Drug and alcohol abuse affects people from all walks of life, which is why many jobs in both the public and private sector require some form of drug testing. Firefighters, pilots, bus drivers, and police officers are among some of the workers who must participate in random drug testing programs. So why is it that doctors - a profession with access to a variety of narcotics and the authority to prescribe them - are exempt from mandatory drug testing?

  • Taking The Smoke And Mirrors Out Of Drug Testing | SterlingBackcheck

    Taking The Smoke And Mirrors Out Of Drug Testing

    Posted 09/26/2014 by John Mallios

    After interviewing several job applicants, you've finally found one with all of the qualifications required and an impressive work history. Plus, their background check came back spotless. Just when you thought you found your company's next great performer, the drug test comes back positive.

  • Weeding Out Drivers on the High Road | SterlingBackcheck

    Weeding Out Drivers on the High Road

    Posted 07/25/2014 by John Mallios

    With Maryland, Minnesota, and New York sanctioning marijuana for medical use earlier this year, there are now 23 states that have decriminalized medical use of marijuana, as well as the District of Columbia. Two of these states (Colorado and Washington) have also decriminalized recreational use of marijuana.

    As marijuana continues to march towards the mainstream, there is growing concern about the consequences of its use. A recent article published by USA Today centered on marijuana’s likely involvement in traffic deaths. The article also cited two recent studies conducted by NHTSA (the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) and Columbia University.