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    Culture Corner: How to Host a Culture Workshop

    Posted 04/20/2017 by Julia Mair, Chief Marketing Officer

    We all aspire to work for a company that values our work and treats us like grown-ups. But what else do you want from the place where you spend the majority of your waking life?

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    Sterling Talent Solutions Wins World HRD Congress Awards

    Posted 03/03/2017 by Debbie Lamb, Junior Marketing Communications Manager

    We are very excited to announce that Sterling Talent Solutions was recently awarded two awards at the World HRD Congress (WHRDC) in India. Our Mumbai office was presented with the "Fun at Work" Award. This award acknowledges large organizations for the quality and uniqueness of its employee engagement interventions driven by its highly passionate HR team. Manish Kotwani, Vice President of Human Resources, Mumbai, was the recipient of the Most Influential HR Leaders in India. This award was presented by a jury of peers who conduct extensive research on industry recognition and accomplishments of various HR leaders locally and globally. Congratulations to our Mumbai team!

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    Screening and Onboarding: The Yin and Yang of Hiring

    Posted 02/15/2017 by Debbie Lamb, Junior Marketing Communications Manager

    Before working at Sterling Talent Solutions, I had no knowledge about background screening and the steps that took place after I received my offer letter. I, like many people, had no idea about the importance of having the background consent form signed or filling out the Form I-9 form electronically and how that would make the transition to my first day on the job go smoothly. By working at Sterling, I have come to realize that background screening and onboarding are both very important aspects of the hiring process. Effectively and positively moving a candidate from the job offer to the first day is a major component of a good candidate experience. Having the right procedures in place will reduce inefficiency for Human Resources, the hiring manager and most importantly, the new hire.

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    Keeping the "Honeymoon Period" Alive With Your Employees

    Posted 02/14/2017 by Debbie Lamb, Junior Marketing Communications Manager

    Candidate retention and happiness in the workplace are two key components of a successful business. Companies realize that it is becoming increasingly more important to create a better candidate experience from the very beginning-starting with the hiring process, background screening, onboarding and first few months on the job. According to Talent Management and HR (TLNT), 33% of employees knew whether they would stay with their company long-term after their first week. It is crucial for employers to engage with new hires early and often with a specific strategy and goal in mind. From the employer point of view, 78% rank employee retention as important or urgent. Turnover can be one of the most expensive problems at a company; research on the costs of replacing an employee range from 20% of their salary to 150%, depending on how you calculate it. The cost of employee turnover and the benefits of having and retaining well-trained employees are top reasons for employers’ retention concerns.

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    Marijuana @ Work: Important Info for Employers

    Posted 01/04/2017 by Martin Murtland, VP of Product Management, Occupational Health Services

    The increase of daily use of marijuana has dramatically impacted the workplace. According to a recent study by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), there is currently 22.2 Million marijuana users aged 12 and up. 25 states plus Washington D.C. have enacted laws allowing for the use of marijuana for medical purposes, while 4 states (AK, CO, OR, WA and Washington D.C.) have passed laws legalizing the personal use of this drug. There is legislation legalizing recreational and medical use of marijuana that is up for the vote in 8 more states this November. The legalization of marijuana use for medicinal or recreational purposes in many states across the United States has forced employers to review their workplace drug policies.

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    What Could 2017 Bring to the Background Screening Industry?

    Posted 01/03/2017 by Debbie Lamb, Junior Marketing Communication Manager

    It has been quite the year at Sterling Talent Solutions! We started off 2016 as SterlingBackcheck and ended the year as Sterling Talent Solutions after a successful merger with TalentWise in the beginning of the year. We acquired RISQ Group and Verified Person and grew to 20 offices in 9 countries with over 3,900 employees. Sterling is now trusted by over 50,000 clients worldwide, including 25% of the Fortune 100, screening 12 million candidates annually with more than 80 million searches.

  • Background Screening Budget Toolkit

    Posted 08/31/2015 by Roland Lessard

    Budget season may not get you as excited as receiving approval to push forward with an improved benefits package, but it doesn't have to be a pain point. Preparing for budget season can be a breeze when you have the right tools at your disposal.

  • Infographic: What Negligent Retention Could Cost You

    Posted 07/23/2015 by Roland Lessard

    You conduct background checks on candidates before they’re hired, but what happens after that? Retaining employees who become involved in criminal activity after they are hired pose a threat to your company and staff. View our infographic for insight into what negligent retention could really cost your company, how common post-hire screening is, and how SterlingBackcheck can help.

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    Background Check Oversight at Most U.S. Airports Leave Threats in the Air

    Posted 05/13/2015 by Roland Lessard

    Since the tragic events that occurred on September 11, 2001, billions of dollars have been spent every year on airport security screening. While the majority of screening is done on the 1.8 million passengers who travel through U.S. airports every day, CNN discovered a back door security loophole that involves baggage handlers and other airport staff.

  • 4 Cases of Unconventional Employee Theft | SterlingBackcheck

    Is Your Company at Risk? 4 Cases of Unconventional Employee Theft.

    Posted 04/08/2015 by Roland Lessard

    Sometimes employee theft can seem to be synonymous with the retail industry, but it affects far more employers than you might think. Occupational fraud and theft affects companies of all sizes and all industries. According to the most recent Global Fraud Study conducted by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, global fraud loss is pegged at almost $3.7 trillion annually.

  • Legal Loophole Lets Felons Become Social Workers | SterlingBackcheck

    Legal Loophole Lets Felons Become Social Workers

    Posted 11/13/2014 by Joe Rotondo

    Social workers handle society's most vulnerable population. From children to the elderly and those with disabilities, a social worker's job involves significant interaction with individuals who are most susceptible to being taken advantage of.

    So it's safe to say that you would be surprised to hear that New Mexico grants social worker licenses to convicted felons. This is due to a loophole in the current legislation which has not been updated since 1987. The outdated law prevents the licensing board from requiring background checks on all applicants, leaving applicant disclosure as the only available screening practice.

  • No License, Big Problem | SterlingBackcheck

    No License, Big Problem

    Posted 11/10/2014 by Roland Lessard

    In a tragic accident last August, an East Harlem cab driver who was allegedly driving with a suspended license struck and killed 25-year-old cyclist Jerrison Garcia. While bike safety advocates want drivers to pay more attention to bikes and share the road, background screening advocates are wondering why this driver was even operating a cab (or any motor vehicle for that matter) to begin with.

  • Doctors On Drugs May Face Randomized Testing | SterlingBackcheck

    Doctors On Drugs May Face Randomized Testing

    Posted 10/23/2014 by John Mallios

    Drug and alcohol abuse affects people from all walks of life, which is why many jobs in both the public and private sector require some form of drug testing. Firefighters, pilots, bus drivers, and police officers are among some of the workers who must participate in random drug testing programs. So why is it that doctors - a profession with access to a variety of narcotics and the authority to prescribe them - are exempt from mandatory drug testing?

  • Gymnastics Coach Has Parents Flipping Out Over Inappropriate Conduct With Students | SterlingBackcheck

    Gymnastics Coach Has Parents Flipping Out Over Inappropriate Conduct With Students

    Posted 10/09/2014 by Roland Lessard

    Justin Henry, a 21 year old gymnastics coach has found himself in hot water over some inappropriate behavior with one of his teenage students... again. It was only a few months earlier that he allegedly picked up some 14 year old former students in the middle of the night, took them to the beach, and allowed them to drink alcohol. He was charged with three counts of interfering with child custody.

  • The Rise Of Employee Theft Is Criminal | SterlignBackcheck

    The Rise Of Employee Theft Is Criminal

    Posted 07/30/2014 by Roland Lessard

    Kessler International conducted a survey and found that 95% of employees steal from their employers. That's right - a shocking 95%. That staggering figure implies that someone in your organization is probably taking more than you bargained for.

    Employee theft occurs in many forms including stolen time, pilfered office supplies, personal use of company equipment, abuse of corporate intelligence, or outright theft of inventory. The research shows that it happens more than you think.