• California Bans Employers from Asking for Juvenile Criminal Records

    Posted 10/20/2016 by Debbie Lamb, Junior MarComm Manager

    If you are applying for a job in California, you should be aware that there are many laws and regulations protecting personal and criminal history under both federal and state laws. California employment background checks are performed differently than in the other 49 states. Along with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), which regulates the background screening industry, employers in California must comply with other unique regulations or risk up to $10,000 in penalties. A new amendment to the California Labor Code was signed by Governor Jerry Brown in late September. This amendment, A. B. 1843, prohibits employers from considering certain juvenile records for employment purposes.

  • 5 Tips To Creating A Candidate First Experience

    Posted 10/18/2016 by Tommy Marzella, Sr. MarComm Manager

    As a marketer, I’m often thinking about the experience people have with our brand. From our website copy to our product marketing, everything is about telling a story that is engaging, easy to understand and makes us look like a problem-solving hero. But, marketing is far from the only department trying to make our company look like a rock star. In fact, when it comes to our recruiting team, a lot of time is spent thinking about how our candidate’s experience will impact whether or not they choose to come aboard.

  • Corporate Event Screening & Survival Guide

    Corporate Event Screening & Survival Guide

    Posted 10/17/2016 by Debbie Lamb, Jr. MarComm Manager

    There is always something to plan for in the business world from in-house events, product launches or tradeshows to big holiday parties. Being able to put together events, both large and small, requires a lot of talent, patience and organizational skills. If you are a corporate planner, you know that you require help from many aspects of your company from hiring the right event staff to marketing the event. Being organized is the key component for having any big event become a success. Just imagine how organized the event planners for a worldwide event, like the recent Rio Olympics had to be! From big events to small, knowing organizational essentials is critical for an event planner.

  • Power Through Onboarding Basics

    Power Through Onboarding Basics

    Posted 10/13/2016 by Lauren Gus, Director Human Resources

    There are many memories that are made on the job from promotions, friendships and new experiences, but sometimes these memories blur together, especially if you have been with a company a long time. But one day always sticks out in everyone’s memory: the first day.

  • If You Want to Hire the Best and the Brightest, Start with Your Culture

    If You Want to Hire the Best and the Brightest, Start with Your Culture

    Posted 10/13/2016 by Julia Mair, Chief Marketing Officer

    As the Chief Marketing Officer, I spend a good part of every week thinking about our company’s culture – where we are, where we want to go and the journey we have to take to get there. We’re not on a simple journey; we’ve acquired four companies in the past year. On top of merging talent, technology and business processes, we’re also blending cultures while reimagining our vision and commitment to our clients and the larger world.

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