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You can't do it alone - or overnight. Building an effective, reliable employment screening program takes time and expertise. To help human resources and compliance professionals do it right, Sterling Talent Solutions regularly publishes expert articles and eBooks by industry experts on emerging trends and issues impacting the search for top talent.

Research Report: Employment Background Checks: Survey of American Citizens

95% of Americans think it should be mandatory to determine whether a person has a criminal background before taking a new job.

This is one of the many insights from our latest research with Kelton Research. Our survey was designed to better understand how American citizens feel when it comes to employment background checks and the impact they have on their professional and personal lives. With more than 1,000 participants involved in the study, this is the largest survey ever conducted among the American population on the subject – and the results may surprise you.

Download our complimentary report to learn more about:

• Views on safety in the workplace
• Where background checks matter most
• Employment deal-breakers
• Thoughts on privacy versus safety

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Age of the Millennials: 7 Tips for Screening an Emerging Generation

It’s official. In the first quarter of 2015, Millennials topped Generation X to represent the largest share of the U.S. workforce. In fact, more than one third of American workers are Millennials, and they’re expected to make up half of the world’s workers by 2020. For employers, this means that attracting and hiring reliable talent is crucial to future success. In this white paper, we identify seven best-practice tips to improve screening processes and minimize legal risk when conducting Millennial background checks.

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Fingerprints vs. Name-Based Background Checks: And The Winner Is…

An FBI check, drawn from a central database of fingerprints, has been perceived as the gold standard for criminal record checks. But is it? FBI checks are well-known for their flaws and shortcomings. Read our white paper, Fingerprints vs. Name-Based Background Checks, which identifies these shortcomings and discusses why a comprehensive name-based background check may be a better alternative when it comes to thorough screening by drawing from a wider, deeper and fresher pool of sources.

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Danger in the Details: Form I-9 Mistakes That Can Cost You

The enforcement of compliance for employment eligibility and verification laws is intensifying and businesses of every size, in every industry across the nation are in jeopardy of facing hefty fines and penalties due to non-compliance of the federal Form I-9 mandates. In this white paper, we examine five recent cases of I-9 violations and provide tips to prevent your company from making the same mistakes.

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Your Complete Guide to Onboarding From Decision to Day One

Employee Engagement Starts Before Day One. Companies with highly engaged workers have higher rates of customer satisfaction and fewer errors. Because employees decide within their first year whether to stay with a company, it’s critical that onboarding be a positive experience. Learn how to transform onboarding from a cumbersome, paper-laden process to one that engages top talent from the get-go.

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eBook: Background Screening 101

Find everything you wanted to know about background screening, from getting the most out of your criminal record check to maximizing the efficiency of your Form I-9 process. Sterling Talent Solutions’ Background Screening 101 eBook series explores background checks in depth and offers powerful insight on the most common types of background checks, compliance tips, and best screening practices.

This five-chapter series will walk you through criminal record checks, verifications, and drug screening while discussing where applicants are most likely to embellish their qualifications. This educational resource is ideal for HR managers and employers as it breaks down the background checking basics and then further examines how screening policies can be improved. Whether you're a background checking rookie or you've mastered the art of screening candidates, Background Screening 101 is a valuable piece to add to your HR toolkit.

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Marijuana Legalization: Why It’s High Time You Reviewed Your Company’s Drug Policy

Legalization in no way eliminates the many good reasons you should continue to screen employees and job candidates for marijuana. These reasons include the drug’s impacts on your employees’ productivity and health…your company’s health insurance costs…and your overall liability and workplace safety risks.

While it’s still wise to promote and maintain a drug-free workplace, you probably shouldn’t continue your current drug testing practices without considering what marijuana’s legalization means to your company’s official policy. In this white paper, we provide information and insights that will help you decide if your policy needs refining or adjusting.

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