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2014 SterlingBackcheck Product Road Map Highlights - September 10, 2014

Here at SterlingBackcheck, we’ve laid out an ambitious roadmap of new products and services that we want to build in 2014 – all designed to help you hire and retain a safer and more effective workforce.

As we cross over the halfway mark in the year, we’ve introduced a total of 63 enhancements.  I’m really excited about what we’ve achieved so far and here’s a quick summary of the most impactful changes:

  • I-9 Management Solution – We’ve launched an end-to-end solution to manage your entire I-9 process from start to finish, from form completion and audit & remediation of form errors to digital records transfer and remote on-boarding.
  • CourtDirect – This exclusive technology platform connects us directly with local, state and federal courts so that we can search and retrieve criminal records faster and with fewer errors.  We’ve built more than 20 new high-speed connections this year, bringing our total to 1,973 court connections or 76.7% of all criminal search volume.
  • E-Verifications Enhancements – We continue to make advancements in automating the verifications process using email.  Since people answer emails faster and more readily than the telephone, the e-verifications process reduced order time from an average of 65-70 hours to an average of 20 hours.
  • New County Criminal Searches off Education and Employment – Allows you to check county criminal records based on employment and education history. These additional searches expand your search beyond the SSN trace to identify additional counties where possible criminal activity may have occurred.
  • Split Pay Capability – You can now choose to split the cost of a background screen between the applicant and the employer.  
  • Workforce Direct Enhancements – To improve the workflow for your recruiters and applicants, we added the capability to upload and download documents, images and consent.

And There’s More to Come in 2014

As we enter the second half of 2014, we have many more enhancements underway – 51 additional projects in total. Here are several new products that you can look forward to:

  • Mobile App for Screening Direct – A responsive mobile app that will allow you to initiate invites outside the office, place background screening orders and manage your entire screening program on-the-go. (Launching at the end of September)
  • Bishops Executive Reports – In-depth background screening reports used for executive-level hires or board of director appointments with three tiers of individually crafted Executive Reports offered that vary in scope.
  • Employee Risk Alerts Profiles – Screening profiles you will be able to create in your account for employees and request specific searches based on each profile (i.e. MVR records, FACIS, etc.).
We’ve built our 2014 product roadmap in direct response to client feedback. If you have ideas for us to improve our products and services, please reach out to your account manager or Client Services.