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Correct Your Form I-9s Now To Help Avoid Costly Fines Later - December 10, 2014

You may believe your archived paper Form I-9s are no longer relevant and can be discarded. The fact is that failure to comply with employment eligibility and I-9 verification on new and archived Form I-9s is a significant risk for many companies. In 2013, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) started a new wave of Form I-9 compliance audits, targeting more than 1,000 companies across the nation. Fines resulting from ICE audits have increased by 1,200% over the last five years. The actual number of audits has gone up 1,100%. The total amount of fines charged for an I-9 audit since 2009 has grown from $1.5M to $31.2M (1,980%). Not only are the penalties costly, a bad audit can cause serious damage to a company's reputation. Hiring legal experts can be expensive while trying to correct archived Form I-9s on your own can put you and your company at greater risk. It's never been more important to move from a paper-based to digital Form I-9 process.

SterlingBackcheck’s enterprise-class I-9 digital remediation tool allows you to scan, digitally convert, pre-audit and correct existing/archived forms with speed and efficiency to help ensure full government compliance with ever-changing I-9 laws and regulations. The solution, suitable for any size business, offers step-by-step guidance and walks you through the entire process. What's more, it allows you to track and view any corrections made along the way, and is configurable based on preference. By moving from a paper-based to a digital process and with precise error-detection, you are able to significantly reduce risk and liability associated with archived paper Form I-9s.

Error-Proof Auditing, Data Migration and Security

We've developed a best-in-class 185-point error-proof algorithm with a 20-tier real-time validation process for fully compliant I-9 auditing. A real-time dashboard provides updates and administrator support for your remediation needs. You can automatically monitor and correct Form I-9s electronically - no need to go back to paper. The system also purges your expired I-9s and allows you to automatically export or migrate the data into your I-9 data storage warehouse with SterlingBackcheck. We are then able to provide reporting and track expiring work authorizations (where applicable). The digitized and corrected Form I-9s are then securely stored for easy retrieval.


To learn more about SterlingBackcheck's end-to-end I-9 Management Solution complete with extensive remediation support, please contact your Account Manager or Client Services today.

Remediation Process Snapshot:

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