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SterlingBackcheck Introduces a New End-to-End I-9 Management Solution - August 05, 2014

Form I-9 is one of the facts of HR life – you have to do it.  But for something so seemingly straightforward, it can be uncomfortably tricky, as evidenced by Infosys and their recent, historic $34 million Form I-9 fine. 

That’s why we are excited to announce our new end-to-end digital and mobile-enabled I-9 Management Solution designed to make the entire I-9 completion process as easy and painless as possible. From form completion, to real-time validation, audit, remediation, data migration, storage, and extensive remote hiring services, this new comprehensive solution provides enterprise class tools at an affordable cost companies of any size can benefit from.

Step-by-Step I-9/E-Verify Transactions

Cloud-based and user-friendly, we’ll guide you through the I-9 completion process step-by-step. It’s designed to be easy to use and follow along with so that you can become the expert. In addition, the Form I-9 solution instantly submits I-9 forms to E-Verify (an optional feature), automatically secures and stores the data in our world-class data center, and purges expired I-9s based on federal regulations.

Convenient Remote Hire and Notary Network Services

Completing the Form I-9 within the mandatory 3-day timeframe can be challenging when a new employee is remote. With our fully digital and mobile-enabled capabilities, you can use a mobile or tablet device to provide a new hire with the proper instructions. They sign the forms using their finger or a stylus, take a quick picture of the forms with their mobile device, and send them. It’s that simple.

For Section 2 that requires in-person verification, we offer an extensive network of 12,500 authorized notary experts across the country.  They are thoroughly screened and trained on the Form I-9 process and are easily accessible within a 25 mile radius of your new hire.

Data Migration & Remediation Tools

Our data migration technology automatically transfers archived paper I-9s to digital forms and securely stores them in one central location for easy retrieval. The best-in-class remediation tool is able to audit and identify your I-9s using a proprietary algorithm with 185-point error-check precision, supported by 20-tier validation.  By digitizing, analyzing and correcting existing I-9 forms, we help you stay compliant with federal laws and regulations and be fully prepared when the time comes for a government audit.

The Cost of Non-Compliant Form I-9s

With the recent increase in government audits and fines, the need for a thorough, fully compliant I-9 solution has never been more important. Failing to properly complete as well as retain I-9 forms can have a significant impact on a company’s bottom line. If your company receives an inspection notice, you will have up to three days to prepare your Form I-9s for an audit.

On average, over 68% of a company’s Form I-9s are found to be non-compliant. Failure to comply with Form I-9 regulations may result in fines ranging from $110 to $1,100 per employee, as well as other courses of action including jail time or debarment from government contracts.

Though many businesses prefer to go the free-of-charge “Do It Yourself” route and rely on E-Verify alone, that method does not ensure full compliance with government laws and regulations. It is not the most reliable approach and does not eliminate the risk of human error. In fact, a recent ruling decided on March 26, 2014, by the Department of Justice’s Office of the Chief Administrative Hearing Officer states that E-verify (a voluntary service provided by the Department of Labor) alone does not absolve employers from their responsibility to validate, audit, correct and retain their Form I-9s.

The Best Solution to Improve your Form I-9 Form Process

Our new end-to-end I-9 Management system provides the best-in-class tools that you need to make the I-9 completion process more reliable and efficient and reduce manual processing time by 75%. And with configurable options, we can tailor the solution to meet your specific program needs.

For more information on our new I-9 Management Solution, please contact your account manager or Client Services at (1.888.889.5248) or visit