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Executive Level Screening - Leave nothing unchecked. Dig deeper. Choose wisely. - August 26, 2015

Executive Level Screening - Leave nothing unchecked. Dig deeper. Choose wisely.

By Roland Lessard, Chief Product Officer

What you don’t know CAN hurt you. An in-depth investigation determines what the applicant isn’t telling the employer. And there’s nothing more valuable than knowing you have the right facts, especially when it comes to selecting your executive level candidates.

Executive fraud is more common than you think. The majority of corporate crime does not originate in the mailroom - it’s born in the boardroom. And, bad executives take up to a year to replace – a process that can cost up to 3x their salary and even more when reputational damage or leadership turmoil are real issues.

An Executive Report provides an overall analysis of who the candidate is, where they’ve been, what they do, and who they do it with. It's the sales directors, the VPs, the C-level and, yes, the board of directors who are entrusted to lead your company. You cannot afford to hand the reins over to a crook.

Ask yourself these simple, but crucial questions:

  • What are you currently doing to screen your senior level hires?
  • Do you think your senior level hires should be getting the same level of screening that your entry level hires get?
  • What is the impact of a bad hire at an entry level compared to the impact of a bad hire at a senior level hire?
  • Are there any other positions that should be considered for in-depth screening?

It's often in the hiring of these high-profile candidates where most companies and recruiting firms fail. Candidates for senior and C-level positions often have extensive job histories, working for many years, often with several companies and living and traveling throughout the world. A standard background check isn't enough. You need to perform a full executive investigation. It's a miniscule investment of time and money compared with how much is on the line.

There are three tiers of Executive Reports - you select the level of investigation that best supports your hiring needs. By adding these reports to standard background screening processes, you add a deeper level of scrutiny to your most sensitive / high-profile candidates.

When you partner with Bishops Services, you benefit from a firm with more than 100 years of experience. At the executive hire level, the stakes are higher and the risks are greater. Doing business with the wrong company or person could have severe repercussions to your bottom line, reputation and brand equity.