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New Suite of Program Reports & Analytics within Screening Direct - April 29, 2015

New Suite of Program Reports & Analytics within Screening Direct

We’re excited to introduce a new suite of background screening program reports launching this quarter for all SterlingBackcheck clients on Screening Direct. These reports enable you to manage and monitor your screening program much easier, in a more streamlined, transparent fashion.

You can leverage this data any time to make more informed business decisions that impact your onboarding and hiring process. And, enhance your ability to communicate with your field staff faster and easier, arming them with slick, up-to-date, fact-based information in easy to read charts and graphs. View summaries your overall screening program, compare volume and turn-around-time, track the delivery of your screening products and so much more.

Please note following browser requirements for Program Reports & Analytics: Internet Explorer 9 or higher, Google Chrome.

Below, is a summary of the 15 new report configurations with descriptions for each.

  • 1 - Program Overview: A summary of your overall screening program, highlighting applicant performance (with applicant turnaround time and volume metrics) and product performance (with search volume, hit rate and automation metrics).
  • 2 - Periodic Comparative Overview: A summary that compares the volume and turn-around-time of criminal background checks, verifications and drug testing services per time period selected.
  • 3 - On-time Delivery Overview:
    • Searches: Tracks the delivery of your screening products and daily completion rate based on search volume.
    • Applicant: Tracks the delivery of your screening products and daily completion rate based on applicant counts.
  • 4 - Criminal Overview: A summary of your criminal background screening program fulfilment method. This report can be viewed by product, jurisdiction, state, volume, hit volume, fulfillment type (external, internal, automated), hit rate and/or number of searches.
  • 5 - Verifications Overview: A summary of verifications completed by volume, average turn-around time, hit volume and hit rate. This report provides the overall success rate of verifications completed versus unperformable by entity verified.
  • 6 - Drug Screening Overview: A summary of your Drug Screening Program including volume, average hit volume and hit rate.
  • 7 - Standard Service Level Agreement Variance: An overview of program performance on a quarterly basis that you can benchmark against your Standard SLA Agreement at the product level.
  • 8 - Applicant Detail Overview: A summary of an applicant’s age, gender, salary, contact information, package name and reason for screening, with each applicant assigned a unique ID.
  • 9 - Applicant Package by Job Position: An overview of an applicant’s screening package by job position.
  • 10 - Product Scoring: An overview of an applicant’s scoring per product category. (Note: Scores can be applied based on a client’s instructions).
  • 11 - Top 25 Global Searches by Country: An overview of our international products with average turnaround times and transactions.
  • 12 - User Stats: An overview of packages ordered, turnaround time, and hit rates by user.
  • 13 - Open Orders: An overview of all customer open orders by product and jurisdiction.
  • 14 - Applicant Volume & TAT by State of Residence: An overview of where candidates are being hired from and how that turnaround time varies from state to state.
  • 15 - Exportable Data File: Raw data that can be exported into Excel for analysis or uploaded into customer specific HR Reporting Analytics Systems.

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