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SterlingBackcheck Announces The Appointment Of Clare Hart As CEO - December 02, 2014

Founder and CEO William Greenblatt to Become Company Chairman

NEW YORK, December 2, 2014 – SterlingBackcheck, a leading global background screening company, announced today that Clare Hart, the company’s current president, will assume the role of chief executive officer and become a member of the company’s board of directors effective January 1, 2015. William Greenblatt, SterlingBackcheck’s current CEO, will become chairman, overseeing the company’s growth and strategy. Greenblatt has led the company for 39 years since its founding. The planned CEO transition is part of the company’s multiyear strategy of domestic and global expansion. 

“Since Clare came on board as president, she has had a transformational impact on the business,” said William Greenblatt.  “Her business acumen and keen sense of strategy and organizational development has led to dramatic increases in service for our customers worldwide and continued to reinforce our position as the industry leader.  Between Clare and the senior management team we have put into place over the past few years, the future is extremely bright for SterlingBackcheck and I am now able to step back from the day-to-day operations and transition to a more strategic role.”

Greenblatt founded SterlingBackcheck as a polygraph company dedicated to helping employers manage the risks associated with theft and fraud.  Today, SterlingBackcheck has grown into one of the world’s leading background screening companies with approximately 3,000 employees and offices in eleven cities in five countries.

“As SterlingBackcheck enters its 40th year of operations, I am thrilled to move into this new role,” said Clare Hart. “Billy’s vision and passion for the business have been an inspiration to me and my fellow SterlingBackcheck colleagues around the world. No one understands the complexities of this business better than he does and I’m grateful for the confidence he has in me as we continue the company’s dramatic growth story, and that he will continue to guide and advise the company as our chairman.”

About SterlingBackcheck

SterlingBackcheck is one of the largest background check companies in the world. Established in 1975, SterlingBackcheck is chosen by more than 25% of the Fortune 100, 20% of the FTSE 100 and more than 20,000 organizations to help them hire and retain the right people. As a global background screening leader, SterlingBackcheck employs almost 3,000 people in five countries and its team offers expertise in compliance, client experience and applicant experience. Connected by the world’s most advanced background check technology platform, SterlingBackcheck continuously reinvests in its business and its customers to ensure it remains a global leader.

SterlingBackcheck is a trademark of Sterling Infosystems, Inc.