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SterlingBackcheck Partners with The National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) and Aspen Grove Solutions to Offer Industry-Wide Background Screening Solution Through Aspen iRecord - May 30, 2014

SterlingBackcheck, the world’s most trusted background screening company, Aspen Grove Solutions and the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) are pleased to announce the addition of SterlingBackcheck to the industrywide background screening solution Aspen iRecord™.

NAMFS is the industry trade association that promotes education, industry standards, political awareness, and professional development within the Mortgage Field Service Industry. NAMFS members and other contractors are increasingly required by major lending institutions, national property preservation companies, law firms and regulatory agencies to provide a background check as part of their professional profile. In addition, a new background check is required each time they engage with a new organization, creating a burden of multiple background checks on contractors who work with many organizations.

The partnership between Aspen Grove Solutions, NAMFS and SterlingBackcheck allows Mortgage Field Servicers to use and re-use a single annual background check, eliminating the needless cost and wasted time of repeated background checks for multiple clients while still meeting the highest consumer protection standards.

Said Eric Miller, Executive Director of NAMFS, "Our goal is to assist our NAMFS members meet the increasing regulatory requirements and costs associated with background screening and we are excited about SterlingBackcheck’s participation. The Industry Standard Background Check Solution obtainable from Aspen iRecord™ and now supported by SterlingBackcheck allows our members to secure one standardized and compliant background check and reuse it over and over again with multiple organizations."

"SterlingBackcheck is committed to the safety and security of our clients, their employees and their customers," said Clare Hart, president of SterlingBackcheck. "By partnering with Aspen Grove Solutions and NAMFS, we are helping the industry to meet the highest standards of consumer safety."

There are in excess of 100,000 contractors in the United States who are under increased pressure due to mounting federal and state regulations, tightening profit margins, a shrinking roster of active contractors and renewed demand on services for default properties due to a revitalized real estate market. By eliminating the need for repeated background screenings, mortgage field service providers can save time and money while still meeting regulatory and safety requirements.

About SterlingBackcheck

SterlingBackcheck is one of the largest background check companies in the world. Led by founder William Greenblatt since 1975, SterlingBackcheck is chosen by more than 25% of the Fortune 100 and more than 20,000 organizations to help them hire and retain the right people. As a global background check leader, SterlingBackcheck employs 2,500 people in five countries and its team offers expertise in compliance, client experience and applicant experience. Connected by the world’s most advanced background check technology platform and backed by strong financials, SterlingBackcheck continuously reinvests in its business to ensure it remains a global leader. To learn more about SterlingBackcheck, please visit:

SterlingBackcheck is a trademark of Sterling Infosystems, Inc.

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The National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) is the premier trade association for the mortgage field service industry. We are dedicated to working with all entities of the industry from the government agencies and investors that set policy to the contractors and inspectors that perform the work.

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Contact: Eric S. Miller, Executive Director 888-292-6831

About Aspen Grove Solutions

Founded in 1997, Aspen Grove Solutions is an enterprise technology solutions provider in the property sector, serving the Financial Services industries. Customers include top tier-1 banks, insurers, servicers, investors, property preservation vendors, and asset managers. Whether clients oversee distressed assets and sales, inspections, or field services, Aspen Grove Solutions applies simplicity and compliance to the complexity of managing work internally and with third party vendors.

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