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Strengthen Your Executive-Level Hiring Program with a Bishops Executive Hiring Report - September 10, 2014

Executives are the glue that hold a company together. They are the visionaries that can lead, inspire innovation, drive growth, and move your business forward. At least, that is what a good executive should be – someone you can trust with highly sensitive information and your most critical corporate responsibilities. But what happens when that trust is broken? When a seemingly perfect executive hire turns bad?

According to a 2014 PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Economic Crime Survey, of the 5,100 respondents from 99 countries, 45% of companies suffered fraud and that 58% of respondents reported that the fraud was committed by middle or senior management. Worse still, 26% of fraud was reportedly committed by CEOs or managing directors.

At the executive-level, there’s little room for error. The potential risk to a company’s bottom line and overall reputation is simply too high. In fact, according to the survey, 27% of companies lost between $50,000 and $1 million. That’s why, in-depth background screenings for executives are a critical HR recruiting deliverable.

Executive Investigative Work with Results You Can Rely On

This month’s spotlight is on the Bishops Executive Hiring Report. Launching on September 13th, the Bishops Executive Report is the industry’s most thorough and accurate background screening report for senior-level hires and board of director appointments.

Developed by Bishops Services Inc. – the rigorous investigative and corporate due diligence arm of SterlingBackcheck, the Bishops Executive Report will be provided within industry-leading turnaround times, using proprietary SterlingBackcheck technology along with the expertise of experienced investigators.  

Each Bishops investigation will be managed in its’ entirety by a seasoned, dedicated expert who will coordinate and conduct in-depth, highly discreet background screening for high-profile candidates – investigating everything from their criminal history to their press and social media presence.

And now, you will be able to easily order a Bishops Executive Report through our Screening Direct platform.

Key Product Features include verification and/or review of:

  • Personal Identifying Information
  • Education
  • Employment and Corporate Affiliations
  • Professional Licenses/Certificates
  • Credit History
  • Driver’s License Records
  • Global Security Bodies’ Records
  • Federal-and State-Level Regulatory Authorities Records (e.g. Disciplinary Actions and Administrative Proceedings)
  • Federal, State, County/Local Criminal Records and Civil Litigation
  • Bankruptcy Court Filings
  • Judgments, Tax Liens and Uniform Commercial Code Filings
  • Press and Social Media

You will be able to choose from three tiers of individually crafted reports for just the right level of investigative support.  By adding a Bishops Executive Report to your standard background screening process, you add a deeper level of scrutiny to your most sensitive candidates to help you minimize reputation, financial and/or safety risks to your organization.

For more information, please visit, email or call 646.829.3110.