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The Work Opportunity Tax Credit. Earn More With Less Effort. - July 28, 2015

The Work Opportunity Tax Credit. Earn More With Less Effort.

As an employer, you know that thorough background screening is a vital step in the hiring process and critical to your business. It not only helps you make smarter and more confident hiring decisions, it more importantly protects your workplace, employees, company’s reputation and brand. But while it is a must-have, as with all HR programs, it’s doesn’t come free. A comprehensive, effective screening program needs to be budgeted.

Now, in partnership with Tax Credit Co., we can help you offset the costs of your background screening program with the Workforce Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC). Hire new candidates that meet qualifying criteria and you could receive significant annual credits.

What is Workforce Opportunity Tax Credit?
WOTC is a U.S. federal income tax credit benefiting for-profit employers who hire applicants that have continuously faced unemployment challenges. It’s a simple process that requires little to no effort on your part or your applicants’ and is seamlessly integrated with our Workforce Direct applicant platform.

Eligible candidates include:
Veterans · Government assistance recipients · Persons with disabilities

Why Partner with SterlingBackcheck?

  • We’ll do all the work for you so you can earn credits more efficiently than the DIY option
  • Monitor process compliance to ensure that maximum credits are earned
  • View survey results in our Screening Direct platform in real time
  • Manage the entire application process with state and federal agencies
  • Provide regular financial reporting on credits earned
  • Survey candidates for potential tax credits within the background screening process without impact to your operations

What’s In It for Your Applicants?

  • A highly intuitive, simple process which takes less than three minutes to complete
  • Easily accessible online, in our Workforce Direct applicant platform
  • Candidate data will not need to be duplicated, resulting in an effortless experience

In the past year, Tax Credit Co. has delivered significant credits to companies across the country. Here are just a few examples:

Industry: Food & Beverage
Company Size: 35,000 employees
Annual hiring credits earned:$2,000,000+

Industry: Agriculture & Manufacturing
Company Size: 1,500 employees
Annual hiring credits earned: $90,000

Industry: Telecomm
Company Size: 170,000+ employees
Annual hiring credits earned: 50%
increase than previous provider

Industry: Consumer Packaged Goods
Company Size: 30,000+ employees
Annual hiring credits earned: 100%
increase than previous provider

Ready to earn your tax credits? For more information, please contact a sales representative at 1-855-747-9783 or visit