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Criminal Record Checks

May 15 | 2018

Answers to Your Adverse Action Questions

Sterling Talent Solutions feels that it is important to be a source of the latest updates abou...

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April 18 | 2018

Your Adverse Action Checklist: Getting It Right

When using consumer reports to make employment decisions, including hiring, rete...

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March 21 | 2018

How to Choose the Right Criminal Record Check for...

When someone mentions having to get a background check for a new job, what is the first type of check thing that comes to mind? If you thought criminal history, then you are not alone. Criminal record checks are the most utilized employment background check and a crucial part of the background check policy, but not......

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March 14 | 2018

Speeding Up the Criminal Background Check Process

Driven by a tightening job market, employers want to get candidates onboard as q...

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February 6 | 2018

Criminal Record Checks 101

What is the first thing that you think of when you hear the word, background check? When I started at Sterling Talent Solutions, it was the first time that I had to complete a background screen before I could be officially hired. I wasn’t sure of the process or how long it would take and......

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My Employee Did What?! Continuous Workforce Monitoring – Find Risks Before They Find You

Background checks on applicants are standard practice. But would your employees pass that same check today? According to an FBI report, over 10.5 million arrests were made in 2017, including more than 500,000 violent crimes…

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Celebrating Black History Month at the Workplace
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Five Critical Steps to Criminal Record Check Compliance
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Criminal Background Checks

Our comprehensive background screening services raise the safety bar to help ensure faster, accurate hiring decisions.

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Workforce Monitoring

Our proactive Workforce Monitoring services help protect your organization against violence, litigation, fraud and theft.

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Drug & Health Screening

Improve workplace safety with an array of pre-and post-drug and alcohol tests, health screenings and DOT services.

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