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Case Studies

Case Study: Liberty Healthcare Management

Liberty Healthcare Management has multiple business lines and numerous locations so they needed a screening partner who could scale to meet their complex needs. By working with Sterling Talent Solutions, the once-cumbersome ordeal of processing and paying for hundreds of background checks across dozens of locations has become a truly seamless and easy experience. It has reduced ours of hand coding invoices into a few mouse-clicks.

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Case Study: Graebel

I-9 Remediation can be a time intensive process. For Graebel Companies, outsourcing the remediation and moving to an electronic I-9 solution has saved them countless hours. With Sterling Talent Solutions, Graebel’s process is much smoother and streamlined with a significant reduction in the amount of time spent collecting, filing and retrieving documents.

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"We are partnering with Sterling Talent Solutions because they’re not a vendor that just executes a service agreement. They help us improve our program on a continual basis so that we’re able to deliver safe clubs for our customers. Sterling Talent Solutions has exceeded my expectations in terms of coming to us proactively with solid metrics about how our business is going and to help us make informed decisions about improving our program"

Lance Sapera
Director, Talent Acquisition
24 Hour Fitness

“Every company needs to know who they’re hiring in this day and age, and Sterling Talent Solutions does an excellent job of getting that information back to us.”

“Working with Sterling Talent Solutions has been quite easy; they have a very good client service base; you pick up a phone there is always somebody there.”

“I would evaluate Sterling Talent Solutions overall, if I had to give a grade, actually as an “A”. The information they provide, the reports they give, the turnaround time, the people who work for them, -- even their executive hierarchy -- everybody is always professional and the work is always on time and always well done.”

Sharon Brooks
Director of Client Services
The Research Foundation of CUNY

“We have been a Sterling Talent Solutions customer for many years and I am thrilled… not only does Sterling Talent Solutions deliver quality results faster than I have ever seen, but the level of Customer Support that I receive is remarkable. Anyone looking for a top-tier and industry leading vendor for their background checks and drug screening should seriously consider Sterling Talent Solutions.”

Mario L. Linale
President, CSP
Atlas Consulting Group, LLC

"Safeguarding the safety of our 317,000 child athletes is the number one priority at USA Swimming. Every year, we rely on Sterling Talent Solutions Global Background Checks to help us conduct more than 450,000 background checks on non-athlete members of USA Swimming."

Susan Woessner
Director of Safe Sport USA Swimming

"Many thanks to you and yours team for the prompt and speedy turnaround of our many orders. It has helped us reduce the time it takes us to get new employees onboard."

Casino Arizona

"Sterling Talent Solutions is a highly valued partner, and we have found that they deliver for our mutual clients every step of the way. They have shown time and again that they are willing to spend the appropriate time to understand the goals and objectives of our clients and strive to offer an exceptional integrated experience. We can without question, recommend Sterling Talent Solutions as one of the top background screening providers in the industry."

Sean Donovan
Partner Marketing iCIMS